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Entree Salads by Hillshire Farm

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Have you seen the new Entree Salads by Hillshire Farm? OMG, they are awesome. In a little plastic bucket, you get almost everything to make a complete salad entree, they are available in four different varieties including: Chicken Caesar, Turkey & Ham Chef, Chicken & Bacon Club and Turkey & Cranberries with Ham Julienne, the packages include the meat, cheese, dressing and toppings, so that all you need to do is add lettuce to complete the meal!

Let me tell you how much time this saves….now instead of having to wash/cut up everything that I want in my salad, I can just grab this out of the fridge, add a baggie of lettuce and I am on my way.

Thanks Hillshire Farm (GO MEAT!!) (


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  1. I could not agree more – they are amazing! I’ve only had the Chicken Caeser and the Bacon Club kinds, but I can’t wait to try the rest. Yum!

  2. Where are they sold?

  3. I usually get mine at Wal-mart or any other larger grocery chain.

  4. They do not sell them at any Publix and workers at Publix say they do not exsist.

  5. I love the Turkey & Cranberries. The salad is only 6 pt at Weight Watchers. Every time I find a store that sells the salad, they discontinue them.

  6. Sad News! They didn’t sell enough of these and retail markets are no longer carring them. According to the rep at Sara Lee, the marketing dept decided to only sell them to wholesale stores (Costco and Sam’s club). Please call Sara Lee to complain 800 925 3326

  7. I remember when these were on sale for $1 with $1 coupons right in front of the product. We were eating a LOT of salad then…


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