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Dear man that sits in the cube next to me and your multitude of friends.

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–Perhaps you have heard of something called cube-etiquette? It’s where you DON‘T annoy the people around you with stupid non-work related conversations in loud obnoxious voices. You may want to read up on it, because seriously I couldn’t care less about your golf score or where you are taking your “chick” tonight, and btw, you are the one man that doesn’t look good in pink, congratulations.

–Also, whatever game you’re playing over there, with the beep-blip-boop sounds–cut it out or turn it the hell down , or I will cut the damn power to your cube.


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  1. LOL! You are wicked!

  2. HAhahaha…
    cut the power..I dare you!!

  3. wickedly evil and i agree you should do it….


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