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The Memoirs of Cleopatra: Margaret George

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(**Ok…Finally finished. George is very accurate in her historical background and overall, for me, that detracts from the fact this this is supposed to be a “Memoir”, and should contain more feeling, more passion, more of what Cleopatra was feeling, but it glossed over those sorts of things. For instance, when Antony married Octavia rather then Cleopatra, she was very blase` about it, and was just “Oh gee, Antony married her instead of me…la-de-da. For me, the most interesting character was that of Olympus, the physician. He was well-rounded, and just stood out. It made the book that much better for him to have the last word/scroll. Overall, read it if you want a nice historical background on Cleopatra and Antony, but don’t expect too much, you’ll come away disappointed.**


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