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How I write: Janet Evanovich

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If I had known this was going to be a “How much I love myself” book, I really wouldn’t have picked it up. She gives advice, in a Q&A format, but most of it is common sense and nothing that really stands out as “great”. A lot of the book is “excerpts” from her Stephanie Plum series (which I adore!), so it feels like a big commercial for the series. Overall, I wasn’t impressed.


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  1. I understand your point and in some ways agree with it being a self-promotion book. But I didn’t mind that because the book was clearly targeting her many fans who dream about writing something similar–but have yet to take the first steps to chase that dream.
    And I enjoyed her straightforward, business-like approach to writing fiction, a refreshing contrast to the many writers who tend to mystify the process.


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