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Mall shooting in Omaha

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I can’t believe it. This isn’t supposed to happen anywhere, let alone my “home”town. This is Omaha…we’re in the middle of a cornfield, a sleepy little city–and now 9 families won’t be seeing their loved ones again. 9 families have been torn apart, and countless others damaged.

This is about a 5 minute drive from my house, it’s one of my favorite shopping places and now, I dont’ know if I will ever be able to go back there, without thinking about this. Last week a grenade was found in this mall’s parking lot, and now this. I don’t know if it is related, but it’s scary.

CNN coverage


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  1. I had forgotten all about the grenade. It does make one wonder if this was related.

  2. Well, 5 minutes from your house means that it can happen anywhere, even Regency where millionaires live.

  3. I work on Dodge (local name for both Dodge St and W. Dodge Rd) between Methodist and Westroads so I’m use to hearing sirens zooming by but the frequency this afternoon was freaky. Also east bound traffic on Dodge was bumper to bumper heavy in the hour following. It was more like traffic exiting the Quest Center than Dodge rush hour.
    The scary thing is that he chose one of the best spots in the mall to do it. A: It’s the posh store (not meaning to joke but it really does have the best restrooms in the entire mall). B: The open 2rd and 3rd floor balcanies have a great view of the piano area on the third floor. C: the only 2 other similar balcanies exist in D: TILT (a gaming center) occupies most of the ground floor making Von Maur one of the few locations in the mall with 3 floors (the older two anchor stores J.C. Penny’s and Yonkers only have 2 floors and I’ve never in the newer store called Dick’s)

  4. blah, I ment to say piano area on the first floor. I remember as a kid looking down on that piano and finding the view neat. Ironic how I’m wondering if that silly piano is still in tact.

  5. I agree with you. I grew up in Omaha (Sarpy County) and now I live in Los Angeles…Needless to say, I was surprised when my brother told me to go to CNN Breaking News… It’s a sad day for Omaha…

  6. I don’t think we’re a sleeply little corn town. We may be in the middle of the heartland and we may not be as big of a city as Los Angeles or Chicago, but we are in a city- a city with its own crime.
    It’s shocking that this happened, and the number of fatalities is ridiculous, but we’ve had a lot of shootings this year, maybe not mass shootings, but shootings in general.
    We are not the safest town in the world. This is just a wake up call to everyone that bad things can happen in the blink of an eye. It doesn’t matter where you live.
    Jamie from Omaha, NE

  7. It is indeed a very sad day for the lives lost. It is equally sad that America is not considering to day anything about this. We keep constantly hearing about lives lost because of guns.
    Is it me that got offended the other day at the republican debate on CNN. Instead of question how to control guns to stop violent incidents like this, the questions where to how to protect the gun culture.
    If the constitution has rights to own arms, its time to change the constitution and stop this ridiculous rage to own arms. The constitution was written at a violent time in history and it no means should govern for ever.
    I feel it is terribly sad and the government has to own equal responsibility to a troubled soul who created havoc on innocent lives. May god bless the lost lives.

  8. I live in Omaha, Nebraska, and was at work a few miles away when I heard about the news from various family members including my boyfriend. To think that somewhere I know…somewhere I love…this horrific tragedy occured. Never would I have thought this is the way our city would be made known to the world. My prayers go out to all of the victims, the familes, as well as the ones who made it out…for that is a terrible, terrible thing to have witnessed.

  9. hmm well nebraska voters support assault weapons, guns for teenagers considered “too young” to drink ( like the shooter) & the legislator recently approved a law allowing everyone to go about armed so this is just a sad accident…he might have just as easily killed 8 people with a knife the senators from nebraska announced their support for teenagers owning guns just a few minutes ok…

  10. I shop or hangout with friends at Westroads almost every weekend, if not more often. Confronting a friend in the parking lot of my school today, I found that she had gone to a UNO college visit and she and her family had almost gone that mall for lunch. All I can say is that I’m utterly grateful that they had decided not to. It’s all so close to home that it is shocking, and it may sound a bit cliche, but I am down right furious with how the major news stations are reporting this incident. The local news is doing very well in reporting with a slight condolance of respect to the victims’ families (including Robert’s), and I believe that although it is a right for people to know what happened, it should be limited to a certian extent. Judgement passed on this boy being a manic and sociopath, it’s all so wrong, especially this early after the incident. This could have happened to anybody, this honestly could have been done by anyone as well.
    I know that some things just cannot be avoided, and that’s the sound and unwanted truth, but it is a part of the people’s responsibility to do what we can to prevent from this from happening again, and because of the close call with my friend, I plan on stepping up myself, and doing something to help, anything to help.

  11. “he might have just as easily killed 8 people with a knife”
    Uh…you’re joking, right?

  12. The “knife” comment was obviously not from someone who lives here or has ever learned to use a gun responsibly. This was a tragic, isolated incident. The concealed weapon act has nothing to do with this. We’re talking about a freaking rifle here. What we need to ask is how a man can get into an extremely populated environment with a rifle without being noticed. What people from outside don’t know is that we live a safe, clean, peaceful existence inside Omaha. We have big city money without big city problems. We need to ask ourselves if we are taking this for granted. No one believed it could happen here, even when it was happening. That is a scary thought.

  13. don’t live there
    it is an “isolated incident” ; the other 20,000 gun deaths do not happen at malls
    it can happen anywhere …in the US– but not in britain france germany the netherlands etc– heck, even communist china has fewer deaths per capita than the good ole usa…so pass the ammunition and praise the NRA …if everyone had guns no one would get hurt Ps 4h gun club and also archery club…but never wanted either gun ir bow in my house, car , or shopping mall

  14. Great solution. Anti-gun activists often have such insightful solutions to big problems. “If no one had guns, no one would ever get hurt?” Think about how that sounds.
    Let’s just say a prayer for all the victims tonight. Regardless of views, feelings and opinions, it’s always incredible the way that countries, states and communities come together in a show of support for one another. I’d just like to thank the rest of the country and the world for the sincere blessing you are giving our community tonight. Imagine what the living victims and families of the deceased are going through tonight. Remember them before fall asleep tonight.

  15. Yes, Razor I was “joking”. I feel awful for the victims, their families, & their friends & colleagues. It disturbs me so deeply and, will continue to do so for so many weeks, that I did something I swore I would never do: articulate an false position . I am so deeply saddened that our once great nation is unable to defend and protect its citizenry, that I am willing to try anything to get people to think about the dead–who would not be so if they lived in Sweden or Belgium or Canada. Yes, terrible things CAN happen there too…but they rarely do. Here, death by gunfire is common(admittedly more often by a relative than a stranger). It is humiliating to me that even China considers us barbaric and backwards on this issue. In tennis, my father said: “Always change a losing game”; but we are too stubborn… Too blind..Last March, your Governor approved legislation that he said would make you safer… Do you feel safer? Will you hurry to that mall? Will you now carry a gun? In Britain last year, fewer that 100 died by gunfire…how many in the US? Google is powerful– use it and learn. Please.

  16. This is sad.
    Now, I don’t want to hear anymore crap about “troubled youth” “he wanted attention” or “was bullied” or “can’t cope” bla bla bla etc, etc. Who cares! Screw him and all that would follow! Screw where he came from, and how he got that way. No ‘studies’. No ‘blue-ribbon’ panels to spend six months and $600,000 to issue a stupid report. We already know the answers. We already know the problem.
    I support the right to keep and bare arms. But damn it, what the founding fathers had in mind was single-shot, muzzle loaded muskets! None of the founders ever intended that irresponsible, delusional, anti-social, TV&xboxbrained youth and gang-bangers get the “right” to keep and bare (brandish) multi-round, rapid-fire, high-velocity, automatic weapons. Once again, our collective stupidity of electing the same do-nothing, feed-at-the-public-trough representatives over and over, ad-nauseum, has set the scene for another Columbine. Immediately arrest all members of congress – both houses, all parties – for perpetual dereliction of duty, fraud, theft of public funds, gross incompetence, and treason! (Just look at the federal -ie ‘our’- debt for a moment)
    When will America learn: Gang- bangers and violent monsters of all types are not entitled to any “rights” excepting this: The right to be identified and executed. Eliminated. Liquidated. Period. It’s over. Please wake-up America. And when you do, then please throw-up. That way, we will know that your brain woke-up too.

  17. Knowledge is power. Google can be full of propiganda. As student I ask people to-please-read. Look at studies. Journal articles. There you can eliminate baseless statements and establish credible arguements. -learn-
    And stop violent crimes. They can happen with or without weapons of any kind.

  18. I appreciate the speech from the heart, Roger. Sometimes it seems like this country no longer has one.

  19. So what is the answer if not some gun control ? Other countries have solved this problem; can we learn nothing from others? Are we so arrogant so certain we are right? What about the dead? You say you care; then prove it. Propose some solutions because what we have is NOT working. 20,000 dead a year by gunfire: are we ok with that? I am not . We can do better. This the USA. We can do much better.

  20. Let me put it to you like this Steve. If you have a real bad case of cockroaches, What do you do to get rid of them? Do you feed them? No. Do you try to “rehabilitate them? No. Do you pamper them, talk to them, and perhaps relocate them? No. Do you prosecute them, lock them up, and feed them in captivity for the rest of their lives? Nope. Do you spend billions and billions of dollars on a system to contain them? …No? …Did I hear No?
    No, there is only one real answer: You exterminate them. You kill them all on sight. Crush them, vaccume them up, poison them, trap and burn them. Whatever it takes. You do not take prisoners. You liquidate old roaches and young roaches with equal gusto. Another thing: You don’t waver or hesitate. Roaches are fast. You don’t consider the roaches feelings or upbringing. Roaches have no feelings. You don’t worry about what your nieghbors might think. You dont waste time by ‘feeling sorry’ for the roaches. You don’t give the roaches anything, except death. You just get the job done and move on to the next problem. No?
    Until this country wakes up and realizes that what we have allowed ourselves to do with our horrendous criminal system is to nurture, protect, give care and comfort to our roaches. We feed them, let them watch TV and then eventually let them back out of our 1 billion dollar roach hotels. Roaches have survived unchanged for millions of years. They have evolved and adapted to handle prison (hotel) very well. So, our roach problem will never end. They will breed and breed and the expence of housing and containing and ‘public defendering’ them will rob all funds that could and should be used for ‘preventing’ roaches in the first place. You see, all our roach money should be spent on elementary schools and education to prevent roaches. But no, we in our stupididy keep throwing trillions of dollars to the criminal (roach)incarcination system. Meanwhile, good, decent, innocent people continue to be victims of our roach monsters. New Roaches have no fear of repurcussion or severe terminal punishment for being a roach. So they remain a roach, and make more roaches, And the sick system repeats itself.
    Did I say throw up? That bad boy at the Omaha Mall was a victim of our roach hospitatility service. He became a roach. You see, he should have been reached in elementary school in his pre-roach days. We could have saved him. But he wasn’t saved. The energy, money and knowlege that he needed as a kid, instead went to the roaches of 1993. Go ahead and throw up now. So what little kids are getting cheated now, by society taking little-kid money and giving it to the roaches of 2008? Yeah, how was your barf? RB

  21. Hrmmmm…a rather harsh world view… But ok then how is it we have this particular infestation but not other countries? Of course, there are unbalanced people everywhere and that is sad and some tragedies are unpreventable…so how is it other nations succeed where we fail? How is this particular tragedy happens here so often? And i don’t mean just these high profile tragedies but also the daily tragedies where spouses shoot wach other or relatives or colleages…we don’t have the answers but it seems others do.

  22. Your very right Steve. It is harsh. But Omaha was rather harsh too. And so is every uneducatedhiphoppedmonstorizedganbangerwhitetrashloosecannonhoodlum with a gun. Harsh is the minimart clerk shot for the $63 in the till. Harsh is the horror to the clerks wife when she gets the phone call from the police telling her that her husband died on the way to the hospital. How about the drunk monster on the road who has 5 prior convictions for DUI? How harsh is he, if he’s on your road home tonight?
    What’s not harsh?
    Why do we keep Fucking with these monsters, over and over and over again?
    As for the answers that other countries may have for us: It would take too long to get into it, but Switzerland, Iceland, Singapore and finland have very low crime rates. But with 300 million, the US will never have the societal circumstances of those tidy little countries. Much of the larger world has problems of their own kind.
    Nope, I’m afraid our problem is all and uniquely ours. The rest of the world has absolutely no experience with, and thus can’t solve our ghettomindedpopculturedcelebrityobssesedcluelesshiphoppedselfcenteredmefirstwhitetrashmethlabcrackpipecrimepaysfuckyou problems.
    Save the children and our lives by first executing all roach-monsters. All of them. We can’t afford them anymore. Empty out, and shut-down the prison systems and use 100% of the money saved on grades 1-12. Fire bad teachers and hold parents accountable for the actions of their under-18 children. Require a 2-year college degree that covers
    “common-sense”, “law”, “economics”, “civility” and “government” in order to qualify for license’s to drive, procreate, vote and hunt. I’m talking real BASIC life skills here! Require a 2-year mantatory Civil/Military/Conservation service for all able-bodied adults 18 to 65. Require 1-year of Jr. Conservation Corps service by teens age 10 to 17 so they learn to appreciate and deal with themselves in nature. All of this is how we start solving the problem.
    Good night.


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