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Rhett Butler’s People

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Can you picture Miss Melly as a gossiping complainer? Rosemary Butler marrying Ashley Wilkes? Scarlett and Belle Watling friends? Rhett mooning over a woman?

I love Gone With the Wind, hell–I even loved Scarlett; and that was considered a travesty against GWTW, but this book ruins Margaret Mitchell’s well crafted world and makes kittens cry! I am not sure how a person can spend 12 years working on a novel that is supposed to be an accompaniment to one of the best loved books of all time and have it seem like he never even read the original. The glaring inconsistencies (McCaig had Rhett’s mother dying before Bonnie-Blue and GWTW cleary states that the “stately Mrs. Butler” was present; Ashley ended up with brown eyes, Scarlett had a 15 inch waist, she sold her mills to Ashley long before his doomed birthday party, Charles and Melanie are buried in Twelve Oak’s burial ground (instead of Atlanta) and Twelve Oaks never went for taxes–I could go on, but I won’t) in themselves make it nearly unreadable but the way the character’s themselves are written makes it sacrilege. McCraig seems like he is attempting to make Scarlett in to a gentile southern woman with no gumption or brain (having her forget her vow to “never go hungry again” and then investing all her money on the stock market and losing it, effectively putting her back in the fields at Tara ) and Rhett is a morose, depressing man with none of the wit or ravishing charm that Mitchell wrote him with.

And then to cap it all off…the idiot burns Tara down. A building which withstood the ravages of war and still stood proudly in that red Georgia ground…and he has a mad old man torch it.

Please, for the love of all that is good –if you loved Gone with the Wind stay far, far away from this monstrosity.


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