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>Collage Anyone?

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>Collage speaks a language deeper than words. Imagery is the language of feeling, of heart and of soul. Our words create the “story of our lives” but our stories can be predictable and self-deceiving, based on what we believe we should be rather than who we really are.

It is amazing how we are intuitively drawn to images, colors and textures that express our deepest feelings and truths perfectly. Intuitive collage is a visually exciting and direct way to express and discover who we are, what we feel and what we love.

I did a project at work with several of my residents in order to help them more fully understand themselves and to visualize the things that make them happy, sad, fearful (etc). I did one of my own and it was very enlightening. I made one of the things that made me happy and the surprising part was the images that were chosen–not really any material things but; but things like nutritious food, good friends, my kids, the outdoors.

I encourage you all to make a collage for yourself and see where it takes you.

Happy creative journeys!


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