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I see you in pictures, you’re still so real,
You’re just a phone call away.
I can’t grasp you’re gone, we just had talked,
I just called you the other day.
So fast I never had a chance
To really understand,
That day would be the last,
That I would ever hear your voice.
For you I guess it was better,
Your pain was over fast,
But I’m left behind and I miss you,
My thoughts swirling in the past.
I hope you heard the words we spoke,
I hope you knew we were there,
You weren’t alone, did you know that we loved you,
Did you know that we cared?
My only hope is that one day,
I will see you once again,
So I’m resting in the peace
That you are smiling down on me,
So long then, mom,
At least I know you’re now free.


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