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A change for the better

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It’s hard to say when it changed, but my attitude changed for the better over the weekend.

Maybe it was when I was chasing a run-away 2 miles through the woods and realized that I had not only run 2 miles straight, but that it hadn’t even been that hard (granted there was a ton of adrenaline going on..but I digress) or maybe it was when I walked down the street and heard a whistle from some guys I passed.

Who knows, it could have been either one or both but it really re-affirmed my thoughts that I’ve been doing great. We all get tired and down in the dumps once in a while, and that’s probably never going to change, but sometimes having that outside acknowledgment that our hard work has paid off is very helpful in bringing us back up.

So here’s to a brand new week of looking good and feeling good, no matter where we are at on our journeys 🙂 We’re beautiful and worth it 🙂

Just a happy picture to help brighten someone’s day 🙂


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