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I’ve been doing yoga off and on for years now and just recently returned to my practice on a daily basis and today it really hit a nerve with me..all day long, I was feeling antsy and like something was missing… I returned the movies I rented, made sure I had lunch and work clothes picked out for tomorrow…still felt “off”…so I decided to go through a quick podcast from Yoga Journal and see if that helped any.

O’my, the difference was amazing. I feel grounded and almost as if I can “breathe” regularly again. Amazing, how that works. As I slid into triangle pose (Extended Triangle Pose
I looked at myself and was amazed that I could make my body do such an amazing posture. It’s not the most difficult, it’s not the most advanced, it’s a basic posture but I can do it, and I do it well.
I’m proud of me. 🙂


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