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To be…or not to be (a tracker, that is.)

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I participated in #fitblog’s chat last night and the topic of conversation was “Tracking”. Do you track calories…why or why not, what do you track, and when? I’ve tracked in the past and let it slide to the wayside after I got into a good groove, but the chat last night really opened my eyes to the fact that I’m really not ready to be on my own in the “calorie war”.

So I tracked all day today, and ended up with 845 calories out of a recommended 1790. So, I scrambled at the end of the day to throw something together that would get me close to that range,  and now feel stuffed and uncomfortable. Should I have just left well-enough alone and sucked up the minimal calorie count and just tried again tomorrow or was I right in trying to get as close as I could to it?

I’m basing my 1790 on what SparkPeople says is the high end of my recommended range (Low end being 1440) .. I ended up with 1532 so pretty much in the middle… However, based on the BMR formula that I have always followed.. I should be eating about 2500 calories to maintain my current weight and then reducing that by 500 a day just to lose a pound a week …so that still leaves me at over 2000 calories and my 1532 from earlier being still not enough.

What do you do in that situation?


Elliptical for 30 minutes ( 413 cals)

Treadmill 10% incline 12minutes (104 cals)

Total of 517 calories.


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