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I’ve always been interested in running. It seems like a good workout.. I enjoyed doing it when I was in elementary school and I have multiple people in my life RAVING about it– so imagine my surprise when my favorite fitness website came up with a new “Running Section” and their own 5k training plan.

I’ve always been afraid to try running and just like FattyBoobaLatty over at Fatty Made a Funny often times find myself THISCLOSE to actually running. But I stop myself just in time. I’m afraid of looking like such an idiot and making the people around me laugh so hard that they fall off their treadmills and die…I’m just looking out for the innocent in this y’all, I promise.  My reluctance to run has nothing at ALL to do with the fact that I’m afraid I won’t be good at it.  PROMISE.


I guess my point in this is that I think I am going to challenge myself (and any one else that wants to join me) into actually trying to go thru this program. After all..what do we have to lose besides a few pounds?


Stationary Bicycling: moderate (bike, biking) 10 minutes 107 calories
Elliptical Trainer 30 minutes 413 calories
Treadmill – 10% incline 24 min/mile 10 minutes 92 calories
DAILY TOTALS : 50 minutes 612 calories

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