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True Confessions Tuesday

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#1.  I feel like just bursting into tears at the disappointment I feel in myself. I made a resolution this New Years and I broke it. I lasted three months and then in one night, I lost everything I’d worked for and put myself right back into where I was before.

#2. I’ve been completely unmotivated this week. I’m avoiding the gym, I’m putting off tracking, I’m reaching for things– that while they comfort me in the moment– aren’t any good for me. This just gets me into a cycle of “if I didn’t go to the gym today, I’m not going to  make myself eat well, because it’s just not going to do any good”….and then if I don’t eat well, I’m much less inclined to go to the gym because I feel crappy over what I’ve eaten.

Looking at these confessions, it just proves to me that they are both tie into the same thing– My emotions– more specifically, my *negative* emotions and how overwhelmingly present they are in my life all the time.  I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression a few years ago and it occasionally breaks through my medication regime and rears its ugly head.  I know that the way I’m feeling right now is part of that and I know that I just have to keep the faith so to speak and trust that I can ride this one out…

treadmill 10 minutes 80 Calories
Arc Trainer 30 Minutes 432 calories


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