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42-34-42 – I am an hourglass for sure. Since 05/08 I’m down15 inches in my hips, 14 in my waist and a total of 65 lbs- up 5 in the bust though.

I can’t believe I had an additional 15 INCHES on my hips. Where the hell did I keep it? I’ve still got the J.Lo booty– so I’m not sure what left, lol!! I know my waist went down. It used to stick out like I was pregnant, even whenI wasn’t.

Here’s some comparison shots:

Around my heighest weight ever– give or take 10 pounds.

And a recent shot:

Every once in a while, I amaze myself and realize just how far I have really come.




Stair-treadmill ergometer, general 30 minutes 200 Calories
Arc Trainer 30 minutes 425 calories



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  1. meonlybetter65

    That dress is amazing!!! And frankly I’m hoping to be able to lose some weight without losing my booty 🙂 Great job!


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