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Spring in 2 Action Week one update

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Well, it’s been a week since I started the “Spring in 2 action Challenge” over at Shrinking jeans and I must say…it’s been fun.

I have had the chance to get to know Katy over at “Swedish Pancake”..and she’s pretty awesome. If you haven’t read her blog or her twitter updates, you’re missing out on knowing a wonderful lady 🙂 So go on, follow her on Twitter.

I’ve pushed myself hard on the Arc Trainer at the gym, and have been consistently burning 400 plus calories in my 30 minutes that I spend on it. I must say that it gives me quite a thrill to look down and see that many calories gone with such a low perceived rate of effort. Don’t get me wrong…it’s hard as heck especially when I’ve got the resistance dialed up to 55 and the incline at a 6 but it’s amazing to see those numbers. I’ve done alright with my push-ups this week as well. I’m at a solid 20 before I can’t do them with proper form anymore.

Eating on the other hand, I’m not doing well. I have a tendency to just not eat as my appetite runs to the low side. I have a hard time getting to my recommended calories each day, and trust me–while it seems like a good problem to have, it’s not. When you aren’t eating enough, weight loss will plateau. According to the Harris Benedict formula of BMR I have a basal Metabolic rate of 1644.08, which is what my body burns just being alive. So based on my activity level I can consume 2548 calories and not gain weight, but to lose weight I need to eat less than 2048 calories a day. However, with what I managed to eat to day, I am only sitting at 1100 calories. That’s below the 1200 minimum recommendation for women and well below the daily deficit of 500 that I am going for.

So my question to you is:

How many calories a day do you eat? Do you know your BMR? How do they match up?


Suck it up and move on.

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I stepped on the scale this morning and I’m up 4 pounds. So discouraged. I’ve been under my calories all week and have worked my literal ass off. What I don’t understand is the why.Well, I understand the why — Calories out were apparently less then calories in. I guess what I don’t’ understand is the how. I tracked and watched what I ate… I exercised and I burned calories. So boo-hoo poor me. 😦

But instead of focusing on the why and the how of this disappointment, I can choose to focus on what I HAVE accomplished this week.

I’ve been to the gym and according to my Nike+, I’ve done over 38K steps.  That’s A LOT.

I pushed myself during yoga and got deeper into some poses that I ever have before and SURPRISE SURPRISE…. it made a huge difference in how I feel the day after,  in a GREAT way. Sore but sore with a reminder that I CAN push myself further than I thought and be okay after.

I have driven past Dunkin Donuts each time I’ve said I wanted to go and didn’t stop once. I’m so HUGELY proud of this peeps, ya’ll have no idea. I have been craving a Boston Creme for weeks now and I’m continuing to talk myself out of it.

So yeah, the scale went up..but guess what— So did my self confidence, and that’s worth much more.

A little bit of this and that —

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I’ve been pretty busy for the past week or so and haven’t really had a chance to sit down and just get it all out. So here’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to:

Signed up for : Canterbury Village Cross Country 5K in May. I’m excited and completely frackin’ nervous about it. I did a half-marathon two years ago (walking/jogging) that took me about 3 hours when I was much less physically active but that doesn’t stop the self-doubt and nerves from creeping in.

I’ve been working on school work and finishing up this term at SNHU in my journey to getting my bachelors degree in Psychology, and it’s brought me to question my career path. I enjoy the science of psychology but I know I don’t want to sit for hours and listen to people complain about their lives.. I’d much rather sit and work with children in a school but I don’t know how to focus my schooling in on that. Time to see the adviser at the campus, I suppose.

I attended a hearing for Marriage Equality in Concord, and the energy and the sheer amazing-ness (is that a word?) of the support for equality for EVERYONE that I saw there just blows my mind. I can’t wait for the day when everyone is not only allowed but ENCOURAGED to love and marry whom ever they want.

I’m still going to the gym…I took a few days off this last week and really regret it. I ended up feeling blah most of the week. I made up for it yesterday though with 2 gym trips in one day..and I’m hoping to get back in there today after spending time with my niece and finishing up school work.

— Work out for yesterday–

Elliptical 25 Minutes 280 Calories
treadmill 30 Minutes 300 Calories
yoga 90 Minutes 330 Calories


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I went into the gym feeling pretty crappy. I’ve come down with some sort of bug and going into the gym and exercising didn’t seem at all like anything I wanted to actually do but after talking with Amy at Fat Girls Can Run via Twitter and getting some awesome encouragement, I decided to try for my rockstar status for the day. 5K Your Way Rookie Running Program – Week: 1 Day: 1 — 20 minutes. 1.5 miles. ROCKSTAR status achieved!!

Yay me.


Elliptical Trainer 10 minutes 138 Calories
Treadmill – 15 min/mile 20 Minutes 138 Calories

Super excited–

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I’ve always been interested in running. It seems like a good workout.. I enjoyed doing it when I was in elementary school and I have multiple people in my life RAVING about it– so imagine my surprise when my favorite fitness website came up with a new “Running Section” and their own 5k training plan.

I’ve always been afraid to try running and just like FattyBoobaLatty over at Fatty Made a Funny often times find myself THISCLOSE to actually running. But I stop myself just in time. I’m afraid of looking like such an idiot and making the people around me laugh so hard that they fall off their treadmills and die…I’m just looking out for the innocent in this y’all, I promise.  My reluctance to run has nothing at ALL to do with the fact that I’m afraid I won’t be good at it.  PROMISE.


I guess my point in this is that I think I am going to challenge myself (and any one else that wants to join me) into actually trying to go thru this program. After all..what do we have to lose besides a few pounds?


Stationary Bicycling: moderate (bike, biking) 10 minutes 107 calories
Elliptical Trainer 30 minutes 413 calories
Treadmill – 10% incline 24 min/mile 10 minutes 92 calories
DAILY TOTALS : 50 minutes 612 calories

I love a good workout…

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Pics from yesterdays workout.

Sweat + breathlessness = Beautiful 🙂

“I couldn’t do that…

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So today while out and about, I got into a conversation about my gym habits — and when I said that some days I go more than once for more than an hour at a time..I got a really weird look. “Oh I couldn’t do that, I just don’t have the time ” she said and then looked at me really oddly when I said “Yes you CHOOSE not to.”

I made excuses for years about not having the time, or the money or the support that I THOUGHT I needed to get off my fat ass and get to the gym. Guess what, I was WRONG. I had the time, the money and all the support I needed…I just chose not to do anything with it, and so I gained and gained and became more and more miserable and un-healthy.  It took a divorce and being faced with the very real possibility that I may not make it to see my kids have babies if I kept on my (then) current path to wake me up and make me be honest with myself.

I’m not saying it was easy. It wasn’t. It was (and still is) the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s a conscious choice every day to lace up my gym shoes, fill up my water bottle and plug in my ear phones. There are days when I don’t want to get up early to go, there are days when I don’t feel like giving my all..and yes, I’ll be honest –there have been days when I didn’t do a damn thing..and you know what– I missed the pain, the sweat and the all over body tiredness that comes with working out.

So I guess the point is..

You can do it, you just have to choose to.

My work out today– calorie crunching done at SPARKPEOPLE.COM
Yoga (podcast from Yoga Journal ) — not a fast one, more of a slow wind down so I’ll estimate at 100 calories for 20 minutes.

Elliptical  for 25 minutes — 344 calories

Treadmill – 15% incline 30 min/mile  for 15 minutes –125 calories

For a total of : 569 for the day.