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Saucony– an I love you post.

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I recently tweeted (twittered?) about my trials with my Saucony Grid Excursion TR5 shoes— namely the rubber guard on the toe falling off and the insole coming unglued — see pictorial evidence below:


I love Saucony..I always have. I tried on my first pair about 6 years ago and have never purchased another pair of running/walking/exercising shoes since then. So you can imagine my disappointment when each pair I purchased started falling apart sooner than the last. However, within a day of complaining to the company–I recieved a message on Twitter from the company with an apology and a code to help me purchase a new pair to replace my falling apart pair.


I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Saucony. You’ve shown me that you really do care about your customers and I’m a lifer. 🙂




Spring in 2 Action Week 2 update

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Well, it’s been two weeks since I started the “Spring in 2 action Challenge” over at Shrinking jeans and this week was much tougher than the first.

I had some mental issues (read about them Here) and they really took a toll on my self-esteem. However, I still managed to get to the gym most days this week and have been having a great time on the Arc-Trainer. I bumped up to 40 minutes at a time today and burned 573 calories on that alone!!

I got a chance to run a bit a work (more like chase someone) and it really surprised me how far I was able to go and how long I was able to keep up just compared to a month or so ago. Working the cardio on the arc trainer and then putting the treadmill on an incline for 30 minutes at a 3.0 speed really has made a huge difference. I can’t wait until the snow is off the trails here so that I can practice my running outside for my 5k in May.

Overall though, I’m down 5 pounds in two weeks and have upped my push ups to 22 at a time (not where I wanted to be , but I’m happy )

Here’s to a great week..and to an even better one next week!!




40 Minutes Arc Trainer 572 Calories

“Unless You Puke, Faint or Die, Keep Going!”

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This is going to be all over the place..I apologize in advance–

A–I’ve been watching “Losing it With Jillian Michaels” today and I’m in awe of the life-changing force that is Jillian Michaels. She sees right to the heart of these peoples issues and makes such valid points. If I could put her in my pocket and carry her around all day and take her out when I’m feeling down and have her tough love me back into shape, I so would.

B–I had a mini mental breakdown this weekend and realized that I felt that I wasn’t “ENOUGH” for anyone.  I wasn’t enough of one thing for one person, I wasn’t this for another person… and I was ready to just walk away from everything that I have here and just run and hide in some dark distant corner of the I drove the cemetery where my mom is laid to rest and sat in the parking lot and just let it all out and cried for hours. The best part of the whole night was turning on the radio and hearing a song that has come to mean so much to me after my mother died. which to my knowledge has never been released for air play, so that caught my attention and then I heard .. and I knew somehow my mother was telling me that it was okay, I was going to be fine.

C–So today, I decided that I was taking charge of my life and I went out and rented an apartment. I’ve been living at home with my dad ever since mom passed and its time for me to move on. I  didn’t move all the way to New Hampshire from Nebraska to live at home for ever. I’m 31 and I need to get on with my life. Yes, I’m divorced; yes, I’m back in school at 31 but it’s okay. I can move forward and onward to better things.

D– and the icing on the cake– My best best best friend sent me a link to an amazing song after listening to my recounting my mental break down and how I was just feeling so worthless and he couldn’t have picked a better song.

oh..and I went to the gym today:

Arc Trainer 30 Minutes 412 Calories
15 Minutes 100 Calories


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42-34-42 – I am an hourglass for sure. Since 05/08 I’m down15 inches in my hips, 14 in my waist and a total of 65 lbs- up 5 in the bust though.

I can’t believe I had an additional 15 INCHES on my hips. Where the hell did I keep it? I’ve still got the J.Lo booty– so I’m not sure what left, lol!! I know my waist went down. It used to stick out like I was pregnant, even whenI wasn’t.

Here’s some comparison shots:

Around my heighest weight ever– give or take 10 pounds.

And a recent shot:

Every once in a while, I amaze myself and realize just how far I have really come.




Stair-treadmill ergometer, general 30 minutes 200 Calories
Arc Trainer 30 minutes 425 calories


Perception vs. Reality

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What do you see when you look in the mirror? I see a tired, haggard, 31 year old with nothing going right for her. I see this:


That’s me two years ago…that’s me almost 70 pounds ago. That’s the person who doesn’t think anything can change for her, who doesn’t think she’s worth the effort of taking time for herself and doing the things that make her happy and healthy. When I look in to the mirror and see this girl looking out, I get angry. I get so frustrated because I know that’s not the person that should be reflecting back at me.  Other people comment on my progress and tell me how much I’ve changed…how much younger and healthier I look. I wonder when I’ll be able to see it in myself..I wonder when this will be the face that’s staring back at me from the mirror. 

What hurts the most…

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Is looking at my ex’s engagement pictures and knowing I wasn’t good enough, and it sucks.


I’m trying to be better though.


Maybe someday I will be.

Where did those come from

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Just took a full length photo of myself and holy hips Batman! It always amazes me to see the little changes that crop up. Like, I have an actual “Figure” now..and you can almost see my collarbones. I can’t wait for that 🙂